Private Instruction

I am available for tutoring, project consultation and mentoring.

As an artist, writer, and educator with over 15 years experience in the classroom, I have successfully worked with international, graduate, undergraduate and non-degree students. My work has been exhibited in over 35 commercial and institutional venues including the Museum of Modern Art, the California Museum of Photography, and the New Museum. As a teacher, I seek to inspire creative problem solving, help students find their own voice and passion, while maintaining high expectations.

Consultations provide individual attention to photographers and artists outside the context of a formal course. The nature of the feedback and topics addressed will be tailored to the needs of each client. Consultations can be one-time or on-going.

Ideal candidates include:

• Photographers or artists working independently on an on-going project;
• Those looking to begin a new direction in their work;
• Applicants for graduate school or grants and residencies desiring application assistance;
• Those whose schedule doesn't permit participation in a weekly course.
• Students enrolled in a course looking for additional feedback;
• Students desiring review or more information on a particular topic. 

Distance consultations can be carried out via e-mail or skype.

For more information, please contact me at:  christophergiglio at gmail dot com