Monday, July 3, 2017

Grammar of Photography Student Work: NY Places

Grammar of Photography, student projects. In class, students choose a shooting project for the duration of the term. In the posts that follow, I'm including a selection of images made during either Grammar of Photography or its follow up course, organized into loose groups. In this post, you can see images made in Coney Island, Gleason's Gym, Rockefeller Center, the Meatpacking District, Central Park, Chinatown, and Flushing, Queens. One approach to choosing a shooting project is to pick a place that is conveniently located and simply go and shoot there once or twice a week. The best work is the result of finding one's subject every week.

Roxana Gheorgie

Paul Diamond

Yang Chen

Doug Caldwell

Dorothy Clementson

Susan Henle-Christensen

Michael Christofferson

Josefina Fernandez Moran

Grammar of Photography Student Work: Fresh Eyes

Grammar of Photography, student projects. Sometimes the nature of a place is the thread that holds the work together. Museums, places of worship, libraries, notable architecture -- all have been frequent subjects in class. It can be a challenge to go back to the same location every week and be able to see that place with fresh eyes. That is the point of emphasis in class: not what we see, but how we see it.

Fred Linstone

Karyn Ginsberg

Jo Ann Wanamaker

Luisa De Luca

Fred Linstone

Kevin Fuhrmann

Ji Hyeon Park

Beatrice Cheng

Grammar of Photography Student Work: Daily Life

Grammar of Photography, student projects. Subject matter can be the stuff of daily life. Bookstores, antique shops, restaurants, laundromats, corner markets, friends hanging out, stuff at the side of the curb, even the contents of your fridge.

Suzette Dushi

Fumi Kamigama

Bruce Cunningham

Bovey Wang

Beverly Logan

Natalia Galan

Tal Hurwitz

Harriet Josephs

Pinelopi Gerasimou

Minglu Zheng

Aimee Levine

Grammar of Photography Student Work: Subway and Street

Grammar of Photography, student projects. Random connections and the play of light make the public spaces of the city fertile ground for photographers.

Roxana Gheorghe

Suan Lin

Gili Levinson

Kit Puangpithayawut

Sidney Goldberg

Netnarin Padungjirapuntip

Aline Muller

Libia Camargo Urdaneta

Gili Levinson

Grammar of Photography Student Work: People

Grammar of Photography, student work. Portraits, environmental portraits (people in spaces that say something about them -- home, work, neighborhood, etc.) family and friends, strangers on the street.

Jay Mathews

Thais Aquino

Rong Zhao

Sarah Ong

Judith Stockman

Pinelopi Gerasimou

Ajuan Song

Sam Hagler

Jill Inbar

Irene Wolpert

Nadide Goksun