Monday, October 14, 2013

Lighting Workshop: Light and the Dramatic Portrait

As a photographer, I’ve always been interested in light. And I’ve always gravitated to photographs of people. So it was natural that I would become interested in studio portraiture. In the studio, the photographer has very precise control over the nature and quality of light and is able to match the light to the subject.

I discovered that one of the most enjoyable things about working in the studio is exploring all the various tools for modifying light. I wanted to know first hand about the differences between an umbrella, a soft box and a beauty dish, and how each of these modifiers could be used to illuminate the person I was photographing.

My process of trial and error suggested the theme for this workshop. It will be an opportunity to dip your toe into studio lighting, learn about the equipment and the effects of the different modifiers, and practice working with a model.  The workshop features:

•  an intimate, relaxed setting
•  small size, no more than 3 or 4 participants
•  individualized attention
•  plenty of hands-on time with the equipment and with the models

The 2-day workshop will run the afternoons of Saturday November 9 and Sunday November 10, from 1:00 – 5:00. The workshop fee is $300 plus model’s fees of $25 per day.

Topics to be covered include:

•  lighting systems: pack and head vs. monolights
•  effects of modifiers: umbrellas, reflectors, spotlights, softboxes, strip lights
•  how to use a flash meter
•  lighting ratios and controlling contrast
•  where to place the lights: one and two light set-ups
•  classic beauty lighting
•  why we light the background independently of the subject
•  the unique look of a ringflash
•  the advantages of shooting tethered

Please contact me with any questions or to enroll.